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2016-10-30 09:46 am

Tumblr Round Up..

My Daily Daniels, Jack and Daniels, and Saving Hope stuff, along with Food, Travel & the odd reblog...

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2016-10-28 07:10 pm

Fic!!!!!!!!!!! I Found Fic!!!!...


Shabti OR Five Bad Birthdays for Daniel (and One Good One) by phoenixgal


'tis gawjus!!! and after today's sad news of us losing one of our own in the fandom Jenlev, just the perfect thing to read...

Keeping this unlocked so it can be added to the next "Debrief"
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2016-08-21 09:28 pm

Posting Link To New J/D Fic...

By Babs...On AO3



Making this public so it can go on the next Debrief

I <3 Fandom....
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2016-07-08 02:51 pm


And for those who are members and still visit Gateworld I have on this day of birth for Our Wonder That Is Dr Jackson resurrected the old Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson Slash/Friendship Thread....


I intend to post pics - they have to be PG for this forum sadly - once a day if I can...I don't care if I'm the only member on there but I feel our boys should still be represented on a forum that was once a great source of comfort and cameraderie for me.....

I'm making this post public on Dreamwidth (not LJ though) so anyone can link to the link......
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2013-01-05 08:48 am

SG-1 Debrief Now Open For Business On Dreamwidth...

\o/ \o/ \o/


BIG THANKS to [personal profile] eilidh17 and [personal profile] magnavox_23 for setting it up and bringing it over from Live Journal....

Happy happy days!!!..