May. 1st, 2009

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At the moment some heavy shit in real life is starting to intrude on my "net time", so at the moment I plan to use this account purely to keep up with stuff in the Jack/Daniel Fandom....

I will continue to ramble, mutter, whinge, rant and post pretty pics on Live Journal when I can.....but I have made a promise to my husband to help out with some major redecorating work on our house with a view to moving in the near future.....I am also committed to doing other things with him that I've sadly neglected in favour of fandom and on-line interests.....

Soooo if you've "friended" me (or whatever it's called over here) and are a bit pissed off by my lack of participation over the coming weeks/months then I'm sorry and feel free to remove me.....although I'd like my J/D friends to keep me in the loop as much as they can please - I shall be in DESPERATE need of feel-good, hot, sexy and even angry sex from da boyz!!...

But the rest of ya I don't want you to feel I don't like this shiny new place....I just can't split myself into any more pieces that are needed!!.....

{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}} to you all and sorry!!!...

This is public atm because I'm not sure who on here has access to my posts!...I don't understand all this access, subscriptions et al stuff yet!!!...*blushes*


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